Sticks + Stones Outdoor travel the globe to source the most stunning, affordable, practical and stylish items to help you create your own beautiful outdoor space.

Every piece of furniture, traditional Indian fire bowl, and Vietnamese pot is personally selected by us and imported to Adelaide, South Australia for national distribution.

Our furnishing decision-making is based on our own style and what we would choose to have in our own home. Each piece has a fascinating tale and we love to share our stories about the incredible places we travel, the interesting people we meet, and the wonderful products we find.

All our products are sustainably and ethically sourced. We will always endeavour to ensure there are no negative impacts to the local community and environment from which our products are sourced.

Not only do we support artisans from around the world, we are also committed to helping our local South Australian community. We are dedicated to supporting Adelaide’s homeless through our association with local charities. While we’re busily helping you create your perfect home, we will support those who do not have somewhere to call home.

Meet Kate and Hugh behind Sticks + Stones Outdoor.