Omnia Plant Glider

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Why you’ll love it

  • Glides over joints and gaps without tipping over  Confidently move potted plants over decks, drains, grates and joints.
  • Move potted plants with ease  No more struggling with castor wheel plant trolleys that have a mind of their own! Designed for intuitive mobility, our plant glider seamlessly moves to exactly where you want it to go.
  • Use indoors and outdoors without leaving a mark – won’t scratch or damage polished floorboards, vinyl floors, stone and brick pavers, decks or concrete.
  • Tough as nails, won’t break or collapse – Accidental overloading won’t cause permanent damage or collapse.
  • Won’t corrode – Made from polymers and stainless steel, it won’t corrode or stain. No screws, nuts, bolts or nails mean it will always look great, even in beachside suburbs.
  • Looks great! – Oh…. and did we mention the understated sleek design and hidden wheels won’t detract from the main feature – your beautiful potted plants.
  • Award winning – “Coveted” by the 2021 Australian Good Design Awards judges. Winner in the category of Product Design for Housewares and Objects for Design and Innovation.


  • Unique patented radial, six (6) wheel base, for maximum load stability
  • Commercial-grade, omni-directional omni wheels
  • Strong, impact resistant, glass-filled polypropylene body
  • Continuous rubber, non-slip ring to help keep pots in place
  • 100% Australian made
  • 3 year extended warranty
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee (or your money back)

Product Use

Unlike castor wheel products, the revolutionary omni-directional wheelbase allows you to move heavy pot plants (up to 50kg and 90kg) without catching in cracks and gaps or tipping over. The six-wheel radial design gives Plant Glider unrivalled load stability and seamless directional control across a range of hard surfaces including polished indoor floor boards, vinyl, tiles, pavers, concrete, pebblecrete, crazy pavers, bricks, decks etc.

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50kg, 90kg