It’s not your average BBQ, but it doesn’t take long before safely cooking and cleaning your Kadai Fire Pit becomes second nature. We’ve found these tips for Kadai BBQ cooking and maintenance to be incredibly helpful, to ensure that you make the most of your Kadai Fire Pit.



Preparing your fire pit

Make sure the Kadai is on flat ground in a well-ventilated outdoor area. Cover the drainage hole at the base of the Kadai Fire Pit before cooking (a jar lid works well for this).

Line the base with 100mm of dry sand before cooking. An essential tip is to use sharp or horticultural sand because beach sand contains a salty residue that can damage the bowl.

Lighting your fire pit

Group about six or seven fire-lighters in the centre of the bowl, on top of the sand. Cover with enough charcoal to form a breathable pyramid formation over the fire-lighters. Light the firelighters and leave them for around 20 minutes before topping with more charcoal.

Wait until you see the charcoal turn a silver colour before you start cooking – this can take about 45 minutes.  Using grill lifters, place the grill on top of the Kadai and allow it to heat up – so that a satisfying sizzle greets your meat when you begin cooking.

If you want to transform your BBQ into a fire pit after dinner, remove the grill and place some small logs in as soon as possible. For this reason, it’s best to have your pit in the ideal position for both cooking and sitting around the fire, before you light it.

At this stage, of course, a deliciously gooey dessert is just a bag of marshmallows away! Cater for the whole family and let your inner-child sing with our marshmallow fork! Ten prongs on a mission to toast your marshmallows to perfection.

Using the right tools

Long matches are a good place to start… Our Kadai accessories also make things run smoothly. All of our fire bowl accessories are made from the highest quality materials available, to ensure maximum strength and durability. Explore the entire set of Kadai tools and utensils to help create the feasts of your dreams.


Maintenance – Keep it clean

Remove the sand with a Kadai Shovel when the Fire Bowl is going to be out of use for a while. Use the Wooden Brass Brush to remove all debris from the grill and fire pit.

Using oil to prevent rust (even vegetable oil will do), rub over with a rag so that the entire bowl surface is coated. If you oil your fire pit with anything that you wouldn’t want to consume yourself, let it burn off before your next cook-up to expel nasty chemicals. Think of it like seasoning a cast iron pan.

Use hot soapy water to clean the grill and utensils, ensuring they are dried immediately after and rubbed with a thin coating of vegetable oil. Occasionally, or if you find that the bowl begins to rust, simply scrub it with a wire brush or steel wool and add another coat of oil. Keep your Kadai in a dry place, undercover and make use of your cloth cover and wooden top!

Safety First

Don’t try to move the Kadai and stand once it’s lit and allow it to cool completely before you move it. It gets incredibly hot, so don’t be afraid to wear heatproof gloves when handling the utensils.

Needless to say, keep children and animals at a safe distance from the Kadai once it has been lit.

We hope you’ll develop your own unique style of cooking on your Kadai Fire Pit and make countless meals and memories. If you need any inspiration, download our BBQ recipes so you can print to browse through the ultimate BBQ repertoire.